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Art, AI and creativity

Detective Spooner: Human beings have dreams. Even dogs have dreams, but not you, you are just a machine. An imitation of life. Can a robot write a symphony? Can a robot turn a… canvas into a beautiful masterpiece? 

Sonny: Can *you*?  

Could AI create an artistic masterpiece? Gareth Hallberg, from Sussex university is already planning a public engagement activity to investigate this very question. The plan is to set up an exhibition in Brighton sometime around August/September. Bringing together a collaboration of artists and AI researchers they will be questioning the creative process. Focusing on the difference between “p-creatives”, those that can be creative within an existing field of study, and “h-creatives”, those that can define entirely new conceptual spaces, it promises to be a fascinating exhibition.


Combine Science and Arts to unravel evolution

The 60-year old Dutch artist Theo Jansen builds gigantic structures that can walk over the beach of The Netherlands. The way he does this is very unique, in that he uses a genetic algorithm to design the best set-up. What this means is that he does not type any code himself, but let the robots walk over the beach and let them combine the best options to find one that is even better, similar as in evolution.

Let’s see how this looks:

All of these creations are made of 375 plastic tubes, costing only 10cents per meter, making it very light and inexpensive. It is held together by cables, nylon strings and adhesive tape. By trial and error the ideal settings are found to walk as stable as possible over the windy beach. All of the creations are driven by energy from the wind.

The first creations were simulated in a computer program, before building the first real one. These required a lot of tuning (through genetic learning) before they were able to stand. Next versions had to learn how to deal with the strong wind.

This way he has designed a new nature, that is able to evolve using survival of the fittest. Eventually he wants a large number of these creatures walking around on the beach, interacting with eachother, without his interference.

More information about Jansen see his website