A swarm of e-pucks at the BA festival

Wenguo and I arrived yesterday with a swarm of e-puck robots. Wenguo and Jan Dyre have done a sterling job programming the e-pucks with 3 simple behavioural rules:

  • if you see an obstacle turn to avoid it, else
  • if you see the tail lights of another robot, follow it, else
  • go straight ahead.

The robots will thus form an orderly queue, except that because the arena is too small the line very quickly gets broken when the lead robot encounters a wall. However, that all just makes for an interesting – and constantly changing – swarm.


2 Responses to “A swarm of e-pucks at the BA festival”

  1. 1 Nilton Lessa
    28 January, 2010 at 5:12 pm


    Curious about the project as I am beginning studies with e-puck now.
    Did you use standard e-pucks robots or you had to adapt special modules?

    Bests regards,
    Nilton Lessa

  2. 2 Alan Winfield
    14 March, 2010 at 12:01 am

    Dear Nilton

    Thank you for your question – please accept my apologies for the delayed reply.

    The answer to your question is that we have used the standard e-pucks for some research, for instance the PhD work of JD Bjerknes on reliability modelling of swarm robotic systems – you can see a video of this work on YouTube here:

    However, for other more recent projects we have designed a Linux extension board for the e-puck, see for instance:

    Best wishes

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