Talks & Presentation stream: breathing

Day 2

WOW!!! Steve seems to have come ready for a war!! Look at his outfit!! Todays acitivties were centred on how to interact with the public using physical theatre, drama and mime.



Basically, during the morning, they were doing some relaxing stuff… breathing, moving their hands around the body. Everybody looked to be in other world, thinking in some beautiful place rather than being worried about tomorrow, the big day!?!


Afterwards, they were doing mimic by imagining a very big piece of gold in front of them, they had to pick it up and imagine how heavy was it. One of the members was very ambitious and stole the block in one of he pockets!!


Another exercise was about imagining a table in front of them and starting to move around this table, they had to leave their hands in the same place where they put them, but some of them did not manage to accomplish it.


10 minutes before break…

MUAAAAAA!! was the sound they were making, everyone in Walking With Robots was amazed and curious about what was happening there, the humming sounds were too loud that everybody was laughing at them. This exercise was intended to warm up the voice in order to have a good voice level on the presentation day and to fill the space with sound in the auditorium…

Real words: interview with one of the TP&S participants….

“It was fun, I had fun there doing the excercises. The time went by very fast”, she said. And added, “It is quite amazing what is happening there…”


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