Getting the word out

The new media team covers different stories about the Walking with Robots workshop here in Bristol. Our goal is to get the latest news out in to the world as quickly as possible, but still for everyone to understand. To do this, a number of options have been considered, including:

  • wiki’s – collaborative websites, most famous one would be wikipedia
  • blogs – online weblog about a single topic of interest
  • facebook – a social networking website to connect people
  • ning – social networking site similar to facebook, but more focused on a single topic

new media group

We choose to get everything into one blog (which you are looking at right now). With multiple editors writing different stories about different aspects of the workshop, it should grow very quickly.
At this stage, our first target is to get as many stories in to the world as we can. The next stage will be to eliminate the bad ones and going into more depth for each story.

Our goal is that at the end we are able to write a interesting and compelling story in a short period of time, to recognize what a good story is. This will help writing press releases and getting in contact with different media in order to deliver the message. But this turns out to be harder than it looks!

1 Response to “Getting the word out”

  1. 1 hannahb
    19 February, 2008 at 1:58 pm

    This blog is already really interesting. Looking forward to reading more as it comes…!

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