End of day two


‘In only 24 hours you changed from dead silent with no idea what to write about, to actual journalists with many ideas. This now really looks like a news room, and I like it!’ – Jonathan Sanderson

With a few new articles being published online every hour, it is now a good time to look at some of the responses. This blog has become very popular in a very short time, and we have received a high ranking on various search engines. Visitors are coming from around the world. To further improve we need to reflect on which articles are successful and why, and which ones are not.
Several stories like the profiles will be used more, and will appear online shortly. The story dealing with the misconceptions about science has nearly come to a closing. Also, some of the make and take activities are nearly finished, and will be examined. Of course, also the activities of the other groups will be discussed extensively, and more in-depth stories about different aspects of robotics.
Further, we learned a lot about different forms of media, the power of photos and movies: When is it a success and when do you loose your audience? How long can a movie be before it becomes boring. When can you use pictures of someone that doesn’t know he/she is being photographed? Privacy and copyright are difficult issues that need to be dealt with.
Wednesday, we will cover all the different demonstrations on the floor, keeping the previously learned restrictions in mind. Another difficulty is to finish on time, while filming we still have to write an interesting story. Still something we need to find a way around.

1 Response to “End of day two”

  1. 1 xanthippa
    20 February, 2008 at 2:16 am

    Most kids I know LOVE science…at least, AFTER I’m done with them!

    Often, the prejudice against science comes from the parents: I remember inviting my niece to the science museum, and her Mom and grandma kept repeating over and over “What would be there for a GIRL to be interested in?” And even though my niece was originally excited about going, soon she said that there probably would not be much for her anyway, so she’d rather go shopping…

    I almost SCREAMED!!!!

    I’m afraid I’ve been seducing kids (my kids’ friends, nieces and nephews, friends and neighbour’s kids) to science: by letting them turn my kitchen into a lab, running marble-gravity experiments in my living room, projectile experiments on the front lawn…oh, and model rockets….

    IF you let kids PLAY with science, they cannot but love it!

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