Introduction: Misconception about Science

I was invited to be part of the new media group in the workshop Walking with Robots, which takes place in Bristol, England. The workshop mainly deals with science communication. The reason that it exists is that people are too unaware of what science really involves; that it can actually be interesting.

The problem is namely the fact that science is not as popular as expected. Most people even fear it: They think it is difficult, it is boring, and so on. However, the opposite is true. Science is not just the big thing; it is also the little things that make it really interesting. In fact, it can be done with everyday objects, so there is no reason to hold back. You’d be surprised what you didn’t know about those little things. In other words, when you try, you can see it can be fun! People like me and the participants of the workshop hope to achieve the goal of bringing the world of science closer to the general audience.

That’s why this blog exists. It is there, on the World Wide Web, to show you the other side of science, the fun side! In here, small tidbits about everything related to the workshop and, obviously, science itself are published, so that the reader is invited to think about the topics covered in this blog. Of course, comments are also welcome! I and the other editors hope this will be an enjoyable blog for everyone to read.


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